House of Bea | Organizational Development
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Organizational consulting can uncover the kind of work environment that will allow the values of the organization to apply both internally and externally. This includes the care of the employees and how they will treat each other and execute on the promise to care for and deliver inclusive, quality programs to their community. Defining a culture based on the organization’s values can support the institution in reaching its goals.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion, integrity and process are the 3 key pillars of our work. These pillars are embedded into how we build internal organizational cultures and they extend to hiring practices, retention, and employee and operations policies.

Cultivating Robust Donor Relations 101

Ready to attract and retain a family of donors that support your creative work? In this workshop, we focus on developing a donor base for your art and authentic strategies for making the ask! We’ll cover online campaigns, special events, donor letters and discuss the motivations behind why donors give.

Community Asset Mapping 101, SWOT Analysis 101, Decision Making Matrix

Short a la carte pill pockets of professional development. We know you’re smart, and pick up things quick. Let’s get together, learn a tool and try it. Course is designed to introduce you to a tool, and then collectively, learn by doing.